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New MIX and Master ONLINE service

...to get ANALOG and PROFESSIONAL quality in your production!!!

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...you can find all the information,Prices,Services and MULTIMEDIA files.

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What We Do

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Our Producers


Producer – Sound Engineer with more than 100 international record music productions on his back. “With my productions I aim to create something unique, each and every time!! A one-of-a-kind sonic experience. Every band has its own features and I think it is crucial to not misrepresent these in the songs! The right sound choice, the correct working method, along with many other subtle details… these are all tools that lead the way if you want to maximize and accentuate the strengths of an artist.”

Wahoomi Corvi


Sound Engineer with 20 years of work experience in the music business. “I always try to give my very best support to the musicians, putting them at ease and trying to help them develop their ideas, as I make both my technical and musical knowledge available. The attention of every little detail of the production is really important and obviously a good work of all the Team always make to Great results”

Cristian Coruzzi

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